I got my professional start as the agency photographer for M&C Saatchi LA from 2016 to 2019. We shot brands such as Hong Kong Tourism, BMW Motorrad, Rokit, Gloveworx, and the Fox Restaurant Concepts family of restaurants (North Italia, Flower Child, Culinary Dropout, etc). On occasion, I will sell prints of my landscape photography or provide services such as Engagements or Weddings. The majority of my time is currently spent on set photography content for movie and video productions that capture the passion of the crew and creatives.

Unit Stills Photography (BTS/Set)

Discovering my love of production, I have performed as a Unit Stills Photographer for directors within the Los Angeles area. I take on the role of capturing vitally important photographs of film sets for use in buzz creation (marketing, press, advertising) or fine art (album covers, posters, profiles). Once my work is completed, all the images are sent to the sales company, distributor, film PR, or publicist. These images provide the production team the assets to promote their project, give clients access to quality character stills, and capture the work ethic and style of the crew.

Proposal, Engagement, and Weddings

I love couples that have a sense of adventure and love the simple, aesthetic of the desert or seaside cliffs. To date, these shoots have taken us to places just outside of Los Angeles, such as Pismo Beach, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Vasquez Rocks, and as far as Utah & Nevada.

Landscape & Travel

I tend to compose print-worthy stills with an eye towards architecture  -- symmetry and simplicity. My favorite trips were through the Utah national parks and on a 10-day assignment for Hong Kong Tourism. I will occasionally sell large prints in my online shop.

Brand & Product

While starting in this category, I am currently waiting for an opportunity to showcase a brand that I am very excited about (looking at you, Wandrd). I have the most experience in jewelry (product & lifestyle) and restaurants (food, product, lifestyle), but want to branch out into more action brands.

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